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Understanding The NCAA NIL

NIL – Which stands for Name, Image and Likeness is about to change the world of college sport as we know it.

In short, if an athlete lives in a state where legislation has been passed, they can profit from their Name, Image or Likeness according to state law. If the college athelte doesn’t live in a state with a NIL law


What Is Stem?

Remember, the disciplines that STEM focuses on are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While technology and engineering might sound like fun (I mean, who wouldn’t want to build robots?) for a large portion of potential students, science and math are very much not fun.

Science and math are particularly important in STEM because technology and engineering


UNC Dominating NCAA Division I Season

The 2020-21 Academic and Sporting calendar was heavily affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, Division I athletics was cancelled during the traditional fall season and moved to Spring. These included; men’s


Understanding Junior/Community Colleges

The American education system provides many choices for higher education to international students. There are community colleges, colleges, universities and liberal art schools. Many international students are not familiar with the American education system and therefore, may not understand what a community college is.


International Student: Surviving Your Freshman Year

August has arrived and your final items have been packed into your bag as you say goodbye to your family, friends and country for some time to pursue a college education and sporting career. For many international students the overwhelming feeling of living in another country can be sometimes ignored until you actually start your college career.


Biggest Differences Between High School and College Sports

Your high school career has ended and the time has come to start your college career. The transition from high school to college sport is unquestionably a big one and you ask yourself what are some of the biggest differences between high school and college sport? Add athletics into the mix and that’s a lot of change for an 18-year-old. What



March is upon us and the hype around March Madness has once again got everyone talking. But you ask yourself what exactly is March Madness all about? It’s quite simply one of the biggest, most exciting and fun events in all of sports, especially when it comes to the college game. Below we will outline everything


Are You A Recruitable Student-Athlete?

You have your mind set on college, but are you a recruitable student-athlete? Do you know what it takes to be successfully recruited by a college coach? Every college coach looks for certain attributes in their recruits whether it be athletic, academic, or character. These characteristics vary from coach to coach depending on the specific sport, the school


Redshirting in College Sport

You’ve been in contact with college coaches and they speak about being redshirted, but what does it mean to be redshirted? Redshirting college athletes is a way for coaches to give players more time to develop before getting on the field or court without having to lose any of their playing eligibility. The National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA requirements


Academic Financial Aid: The Complete Guide

Each year thousands of international students enter the USA College education scene. But while America offers some of the best educational opportunities in the world, its universities also have some of the highest price tags. To make sure US dollars don’t get in the way of your US college education dreams, you’ll need to understand how financial aid for