Elite Residential Academies

Elite Residential Academies offer athletes a development environment that allow them to maximise their potential and achieve their goals at the college or professional level. They provide athletes with holistic curriculums that prepare you to not only play at the highest level of football, but also help you become the best possible version of yourself, while enabling you to experience the lifestyle of a professional athlete/top level collegiate athlete.

At BRUSA Sports we work with athletes to understand your goals, and then using our global network put you in contact with the academy best suited to your needs, whether that be a full-time residential academy or a short-term camp or player experience.

It’s important to remember that to play collegiate level sports you must maintain eligibility through amateurism. BRUSA Sports will be there throughout your journey providing support and expert level advice on how to maintain that status.

Residential academies are based in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Full-time residential development academies

  • If you feel you are ready for the professional world or are not sure of where you’re headed, these residential academies are the breeding ground for talent like yourself. They enable you to take a gap year, play and be coached at the highest level, all while keeping your eligibility for the USA.
  • Residential academies also have an academic curriculum, making them perfect for high school athletes

Camps or player experiences

  • Camps or player experiences are short term programs (2 weeks – 2 months) that can be customised to suit your needs. They give players a taste of what an academy is about while exposing athletes to the highest level of coaching and facilities.
  • They are also the perfect opportunity to get top quality footage for college recruitment


  • Residential academies are based in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
  • Students need to be between the ages of 16 and 22, wanting to play professionally and are willing to give their all. These academies expect the highest work rate, dedication and professionalism and expect you to always act like a professional on the field and off it. Coaches are all experienced and the best in their fields. Making sure to help you grow and get you to your best.