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Looking for the next step in your tennis career? College tennis in the United States gives tennis players an opportunity to continue their development whilst focusing on their academics. Tennis scholarships can fully fund the opportunity of playing full-time tennis, compete against universities across the USA and of course get a university degree.

There are over 1,200 universities that have a tennis team so there is a level for everyone. Do keep in mind, college tennis is not only for players that have professional ambitions.

The biggest tennis scholarships are worth as much as $60,000 a year. Remember, a bachelor’s degree in the United States takes four years to complete, multiplying a $60,000 scholarship with four and you can get an education worth $240,000 covered through your athletic level. Simply amazing!

You’ll have access to the best facilities, coaches, athletic trainers, physios, doctors, equipment and teammates. This really is a step away from becoming a professional – the NCAA and NAIA have many players drafted every season into the professional circuit and other professional divisions.

You’ll also have access to a network of international students and excellent academic facilities, professors, tutors and international advisors there to provide you with the utmost support, helping you succeed.

Tennis scholarships are not always for the athlete that wants to go pro or play at a higher level. If gaining a degree to carry on your life long career passion is what you want, why not do this through the sport that you love while gaining an experience second to none.

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