The Packages:

Payment plans and the option to secure price at local currency are available

Freshman Single Service Package
  • This package is for committed student athletes who require assistance with specific parts of the process where they may be struccling
  • Options: assistance with university admissions or athletic association registration
  • Excludes: any marketing, scholarship negotiations, or any external payments (please see external costs below)
  • This package is best suited for student athletes who want the full All-Conference package, with the removal of the admin of making of admissions based payments.
  • Includes: All-Conference package service plus the below payments:
  • - University application fee - 2 payments included
  • - SAT payment - 2 payments included
  • - SAT send - 3 sends included
  • - GPA conversion - 1 payment included
  • - NCAA/NAIA eligibility - 1 payment included
  • Excludes: VISA payments




The fees listed below are outside costs. For the Freshman and All-Conference package all costs are payable by the prospect/family. For the All-American package, where indicated by a tick, costs are covered by BRUSA limited to the quantity stated.

Visa and medical insurance costs are always for the account of the Prospect/Guardian.

Prices are correct as of June 2022. Yearly increases may be applicable, determined by the individual companies.

Application Fees

Freshman and All ConferenceAll American
University application fee – differs by university, can $50 range from $0 to $70. Recommended budget $50$50
Up to 2 included
SAT payments – payment to take the SAT test in your home country$120
1 write included
SAT send – send of SAT results to school plus athletic association for eligibility. $12 per send. Recommended budget = $24$24
Up to 3 included
GPA conversion payment – conversion of a student’s high school marks into an official USA GPA. Cost will depend on the company which is specified by the school. Recommended budget $95.$95
1 included
NCAA/NAIA eligibility – registration with Athletic Association, mandatory to take part in sports. Association and cost will depend on the leage.
NCAA = $150, NAIA = $120
1 included

Visa Fees

Freshman and All ConferenceAll American
SEVIS registration – registration with US Homeland Security$350$350
Visa application and appointment$160$160

Ongoing Fees while in the USA

Freshman and All ConferenceAll American
Medical/health insurance – mandatory for all $45 per month
international students. Average cost = $45 per month
per month
per month