What is an Academic Scholarship?

An academic scholarship is financial support awarded to a student, based on academic achievement or other criteria that may include financial need, for the purpose of education.

Academic scholarships carry a significant level of honor and prestige. They impress a college admissions board and they will impress any future employers. While academic scholarships are highly competitive, if you are eligible for one you should definitely apply. In addition to the cash award which will help you pay for your tuition costs the honor and prestige that comes with an academic scholarship will stay with you as you pursue your college career and ultimately enter the workforce.

USA Colleges are expensive and the possibility of receiving academic financial aid can make your college experience more affordable. If you are entering college with an outstanding academic record you are likely to be accepted to one of the top prestigious universities.

Visual Arts

Visual & performing arts scholarships:

Although BRUSA Sports was started purely as a sporting scholarship agency, we have now moved into the exciting and entertaining wide world of performing and visual arts. There is ample opportunity out in the USA for both artistic careers. We want to be able to give everyone the best opportunity to carry on their talents, while studying for the dream degree and experiencing the amazing collegiate experience in the USA.

The collegiate system is built for all students and this is no different for the performing arts with some of the best dancing, acting and musical schools in the world all based in the United States.

Current Students