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The USA collegiate system offers athletes and students a unique opportunity to use their talents to gain a university degree. With over 4.5k colleges and universities across the USA, competition is fierce to attract talent. NCAA schools alone awarded $2.9 billion in athletic scholarships annually.

At BRUSA Sports we have helped over 200 athletes secure placement at American universities and/or colleges, covering almost $20million in scholarships over their 4 years.

With the variety of universities and athletic divisions in the USA, we assist students across a range of abilities, budgets, academics, and backgrounds.

We are a small agency and keep the personal touch by working directly with students and their families. No student is just a number or profile, but a real person with career and sporting aspirations. Our experiences in the USA and UK changed our lives and our #01 priority is to help students reach their goals and grow as young adults in the USA, UK and Europe.




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