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The USA collegiate system offers athletes and students a unique opportunity to use their talents to gain a university degree. With over 4.5k colleges and universities across the USA, competition is fierce to attract talent. NCAA schools alone awarded $2.9 billion in athletic scholarships annually.

At BRUSA Sports we have helped over 200 athletes secure placement at American universities and/or colleges, covering almost $20million in scholarships over their 4 years.

With the variety of universities and athletic divisions in the USA, we assist students across a range of abilities, budgets, academics, and backgrounds.

We are a small agency and keep the personal touch by working directly with students and their families. No student is just a number or profile, but a real person with career and sporting aspirations. Our experiences in the USA and UK changed our lives and our #01 priority is to help students reach their goals and grow as young adults in the USA, UK and Europe.


Meet the Team

At BRUSA Sports, we believe in the power of synergy. Our small but mighty team is a dynamic blend of diverse talents, each contributing their unique skills to achieve a common goal: helping students take their sports and academics further!

What sets us apart is our far ranging expertise. Across the team we’ve – attended university in the USA on a full soccer scholarship, coached at university level in the USA and had a child attend university in the USA, so we truly understand the process inside and out!

A passion for helping students athletes, and a very real sense of duty is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the passion, commitment and trust we give to every student.

Get to know the faces behind the team – the dreamers, the problem solvers, and the go-getters who work tirelessly to help students take their talents to the next level!

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