About Us

BRUSA Sports is the niche specialist and personal sports consultancy, working with clients of all levels. Helping students, athletes and student-athletes from all backgrounds, sporting levels, academic levels, and sports. We aim to keep the personal touch with each one of our clients and their families and that is what sets us apart. You are not just a number or just a profile to us but a real person with career aspirations in both your sport and professional life. We help you reach your goals in the USA, UK and Europe.

We strive to not only get you to where you have dreamt but we want to help you take yourself even further and to heights you never knew you could get to.

We work from personal experience, knowledge and passion for sports and education. Our experiences in the U.S. and U.K. changed our lives and we aim to help student-athletes from across the globe utilize their talents to gain a university degree or further their sporting and academic careers.

Our specialities and services:

  • USA university and college placement and admissions – assistance helping the student-athlete through the process to attain the best scholarships available to them at the perfect universities using our 3 pillars “Academics | Sports | Social & Geographical” ensuring their best 4 year experience, we assist getting through the specific governing body eligibility centres, help with your chosen SAT/ACT or any other relevant testing’s all while marketing you to universities that fit your profile on all the pillars perfectly.
  • USA high school placement – Assistance with placement at some of the USA’s top Boarding, private, state and academy high schools. We work with your goals and objectives for after graduating with your high school diploma. Whether your objective and future goals be University admissions globally, professional sports or a high school student exchange program we have the experience to help you through admissions, negotiating and placement.
  • UK and European football and sporting academy recruitment – This is an area that has been exploited in many ways and we aim to help bring international students to the UK/Europe through the correct channels and with the correct aims and objectives of the player and their families. We work with numerous sports but mostly along the lines of Soccer and

What we do for you:

BRUSA Sports helps every student and athlete through the sometimes-crazy world of academic and sporting opportunities. Not only do we assist with finding and helping you navigate the rigorous USA university route but help you with the huge amount of high school choices and European sporting academy opportunities.

Who are our athletes, students, and their families?

Our clients are specifically chosen because we see something within each one of them. We want the best for our students and athletes, but we want to make sure that they want the best for themselves. Going through this pathway takes up our time as it does the athletes, and we make sure that they are just as invested as we are because we give everything to each client and the family.

We bring the families into the whole equation because we know that families are just as invested, and part of the process and we want to be a part of your family as much as you are a part of ours.

The Team