Academic requirements – the GPA and SAT

In the USA, colleges provide both academic and athletic scholarships, which can be combined. Good grades are crucial not just for admissions but also for reducing the cost of education.

Maintaining specific grades is also essential for eligibility, dictated by athletic associations like NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. College coaches therefore prefer recruiting diligent students, ensuring they don’t have to worry about their eligibility.

The NCAA and NAIA, governing 4-year universities, have strict GPA criteria. In contrast, the NJCAA, overseeing 2-year colleges, provides chances for improving your GPA during a 2 year Associate degree, after which students can transfer to a university to finish their undergraduate degree.

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Universities and eligibility centers consider both GPA and SAT scores when assessing academic performance.

  • GPA – Grade Point Average
  • SAT – a standardized test

GPA – Grade Point Average

The GPA is a universal scale, converting any high school grade into a single numerical scale for comparison across countries and education systems.

The traditional GPA scale ranges from 0.0 to 4.0.

At BRUSA Sports we will do your unofficial GPA conversion, further in the process it may be necessary to submit results for a formal conversion.


The SAT, administered by the USA College Board, is often required for admissions, scholarship considerations and/or eligibility calculations.

It is a standardized test consists of three sections: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math, focusing on problem-solving skills.

Structure of the SAT:

  • Reading and writing – 64 minutes – 54 questions
  • Maths – 70 minutes – 44 questions
  • = 2 hrs 14 minutes in total
  • Most of the questions are multiple choice, although some math questions require you enter the answer

When should you take the SAT?

  • Ideally, you should have your SAT results by August before your start year.
  • By the middle of your 11th year of school or the end of GCSEs, you should have completed the math syllabus, making this the optimal time to write the SAT.
  • For students with GPAs of +/- 3.0 and above aiming to maximize academic scholarship opportunities, many take the SAT multiple times. Additionally, you can often super score, meaning you can use the highest score you received for each section across different tests.


  • Roughly USD $160
  • USD $16 per send to USA universities

For more information on the SAT and international test dates –

Online study material and test prep – Free

Khan Academy –

  • Full length practice tests and free, personalised practice based on your diagnostic test results
  • They also have booklets, videos, etc. 


  • Sample Questions, Question of the Day, Practice tests and Tutorials.
  • They also offer dozens of test taking strategies 

 Test Prep Review –

  • Allow you to quiz yourself on SAT sections, and pick which types of problems you’d like to do to focus on.

 The Princeton Review!practice

  • Practice tests after which you’ll receive a performance report with tips on how to improve your score.
  • Does require a login and you to add to your basket (despite them being free)


Study material – charge applies

 Kranse Institute




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