Before we start, let’s understand the meaning of a “Student-Athlete”. A student-athlete is an individual who engages in, eligible to engage in or may be eligible in the future for any intercollegiate sport.

However, you are more an athlete first and student second. The student-athlete spends more time dedicated to their sport than to their academics, since they are obligated to hours of practice and games throughout the season. The question is how does one find the balance between academics and sport?

Nearly all student-athletes have morning classes followed by afternoon practice. Finding the right balance is a crucial factor in becoming successful both in the classroom and on the sporting field. Time management plays a huge role, but it’s up to you as an individual to find the right balance.

Now it’s time to take a walk through a real day in the life of a student athlete;

5:30 am – Wake up

  • The sound of a message wakes you up before your alarm even has the chance to go off. Time to get to work, business hours start at 6:00am and doors don’t close ‘til late tonight.

6:00 am – Weight Session

  • No matter what sport or position you play. Strength conditioning will always be of the upmost importance. Before you know it 6:00am has arrived. After 10 minutes of light stretching, the music starts and the weight training has begun. This is crunch time, when you push yourself to the limit as an individual for one hour of hard work. Session is done – grab a shake, hit the showers, and head to breakfast.

7:00 am – Breakfast time

  • Time to bulk up on protein and secure the gains you just made in the weight room. The school treats you right with a spread of any kind of breakfast you could want. From a cereal bar, to the way you like your eggs, the school catering team has you covered.

8:00 am – Classroom Time

  • Time to switch on and take out the notebook. Remember doing well in class is the only way you’re going to stay on the roster and in school. The perks of being a student-athlete means that you get to pick your classes before anyone else, so you’ve got three classes in a row – doesn’t sound like fun, but its required!

12:00 pm – Lunch Time

  • Hit the lunch hall, grab a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, and hang out with your classmates or teammates. Everyone needs a little time off from the intensity that is your student-athlete schedule, so take as much time as you can.

1:00 pm – Classes continue

  • Another two hours of classroom time and you done for the day. Well learning at least!

3:00 pm – Team Meeting

  • Classroom time was just the teaser, this right here is the classroom you’ve been waiting for all day! Your coach will get up there and get you nice and hyped for practice, or run through your previous game day evaluation.

3:30 pm – Video Footage

  • Every moment from your previous game has been recorded and analyzed. You’ll get some positive feedback and some negative feedback, don’t take the negative feedback to heart. At the end of the day your coaches are trying to make you a better player.

4:15 pm – Practice Part One: Technical/Tactical

  • Time to get kitted out in the changing room, share some laughs with your teammates, then get out there and get to work. Start off with a stretch and get your mind right before you get into the session with your team.

7:00 pm – Practice Part Two: Conditioning

  • Team building time! Get on the line and be prepared to run until you can’t anymore. Good week or bad, shuttles are part of your future. This is the time when you have to hold yourself and your teammates accountable. One final push to the finish that will take you from a group of elite athletes to one cohesive team.

8:00 pm – Dinner

  • As mentioned earlier the spreads are next level. All schools will make sure their athletes are well fed.

8:45 pm – Study Hall

  • Classes take first priority, especially in the eyes of your advisors and tutors, so make sure that you’re getting your work done as quickly as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

10:00 pm – Relaxing Time

  • Give yourself some time off. After all you’ve been going the whole day without stopping. Spend time with your friends and create unforgettable friendships.

11:00 pm – Sleep

  • Reality is you will only get to be around 11:00pm most nights. Either way, get to sleep by 11:00pm, because before you know it that 5:30am alarm will be going off!

5:30 am – Repeat

  • Get excited, because this could be your life for the next four years!

This is the excitement that is bound to come with being a student-athlete. Does the prospect of getting A’s and making plays excite you?