The key to a successful recruiting process is knowing what to do and when and how to do it. When working towards an athletic scholarship, approach your four years of high school like you would the four quarters of a game. Although the pressure seems greatest during the third and fourth quarters, the points scored during the first half can be the difference between winning and losing. #mondayrecruit

In reality, the overall recruiting process is not as simple as it sounds. College coaches look at much more than just your athletic ability and how you will fit into the team when building their rosters, especially when vast scholarships are on the line. So, what exactly is it that college coaches are looking for? What do they want to see and what exactly do they expect from you? For all of you high school student-athletes asking the same questions, here is what college coaches look for in a recruit.

We have highlighted some of the top five factors that college coaches look for when recruiting student-athletes into their sporting programs:

Individual Character

As you expected your character demonstrates a huge significance towards a coach, but it’s much more important than you think. Having a negative attitude in thinking you are better than your team mates won’t go unnoticed by the coach. Coaches look for well-rounded individuals, athletes who put the team above themselves, fit in with the existing team, and guys and girls who are likable and coachable. Don’t forget that student-athletes represent the university they play for. Therefore, coaches do not want to damage their university’s reputation by recruiting someone who does not show good sportsmanship, even if he or she is the most talented athlete on the team.

Academics (GPA)

As a student-athlete, you are expected to perform on the sporting field and also in the classroom. If you are an athlete who performs on the academic front, you become valuable to coaches, because they won’t have to keep checking up on you. Being able to perform well as a student will help boost the team GPA and the work ethic of the team as a whole, since the achievement of one team member will push the rest of the squad to improve their grades.

Levels of interaction

During your recruiting process, college coaches see your behavior and interaction with them as an insight to who you are. Failing to show interest in how the team is doing during your communication will let them believe that you are not interested in their program, but only interested in yourself. Allowing too much time to pass before responding to a coach will express a level of no care. Being responsive is extremely important; it shows you care, that you are interested, and that you appreciate their time and effort.

Work Ethic

All college coaches’ value and appreciate reliable student-athletes. Athletes’ who can be trusted do what they are supposed to be doing goes along way. Being punctual is essential in all aspects of life and for some coaches it is a vital component of an athlete’s work ethic. Additionally, they look for players who keep working hard even after a defeat and no matter what the circumstance may be. One of the most important aspects is being a leader – taking the initiative and having the ability to motivate your fellow team members, especially during those difficult moments throughout a season.

Video Footage

Rounding off our list is video footage. As you are an international student, college coaches might not have the budget to travel and scout you. Therefore, they rely heavily on individual footage that highlights your ability in both training and games. Participation in team sports is best demonstrated via video footage, where an athlete who participates as an individual can showcase their ability by personal records. For example, you don’t need video footages for a 100m runner or a swimmer, since your times give a clear indication of your ability.

Don’t let the recruting process scare you away from chasing your college dreams. Having the right guideance throughtout your recruitment phase can make the overall experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Allow BRUSA Sports to guide you in the right direction.