University Placements: the Process


Start the process

  • Complete our detailed evaluation form
  • Have a call with BRUSA Sports to discuss your pathway options
  • Select a package and get started

Build your profile

  • Using our BRUSA Sports app build your player profile
  • Provide us with video footage to build, edit, produce and host your highlights reel and/or personal bests
  • Academic review

The game plan

Work with the BRUSA team to build a game plan that ensures:

you find the right university, association and conference

for your academics, athletics and socio-geographic needs



  • Identify eligibility criteria and exams
  • SAT and/or ACT registration and prep*
  • Toefl registration and prep*
  • NCAA/NAIA clearing house and registration
  • Official GPA conversion*

Marketing and scholarships

  • Identification of potential schools
  • Marketing to universities and coaches, ensuring maximum exposure through soft and hard recruitment campaigns
  • College coach interview prep
  • Scholarship negotiations

University admissions and US entry

  • University admissions support
  • I20 preparation support
  • Visa application and interview support
  • Health insurance guidance
  • Travel arrangements support

Ongoing support after university start

  • Guidance while at university
  • University transfer guidance and access to BRUSA app, or “Transfer Package” at discounted rate
  • Visa renewal guidance or “Visa Renewal Package” at discounted rate

The Packages:

Profile Package
  • Students looking to do their own recruiting
  • Includes: Access to the BRUSA Sports Recruiting app where you can create your own profile and use our school and coach search and message feature. Profile is also hosted on the BRUSA Sports website. Video hosting is included on the BRUSA Sports app.
  • Excludes: BRUSA Sports personalised service
Freshman Package
  • This package is for heavily recruited student athletes who need scholarship offer guidance and expertise
  • Includes: access to BRUSA sports scholarship assistance, admissions and eligibility assistance, and VISA support
  • Excludes: marketing, scholarship negotiations, any payments (please see external costs below)
  • This package is best suited for student athletes who want the full All-Conference package, with the removal of the admin of making of admissions based payments.
  • Includes: We will build your profile, produce and host your highlights video, provide testing support (including payments), do your marketing, scholarship negotiations, LOI support, admissions and eligibility assistance (including payments), VISA support
  • Excludes: VISA payments
  • This package is for student athletes who are looking to transfer from one USA university to another.
  • Includes: We will build your profile, produce and host your highlights video, do your marketing, scholarship negotiations, LOI support, admissions and eligibility assistance, VISA transfer support
  • Excludes: any payments (please see external costs below)

Additional Services:

Visa service
  • Student athletes looking for support in getting their F-1 visa
  • Includes: BRUSA Sports will complete your DS-160 and attain your visa appointment. Please note this is at the complete discretion of the USA embassy and no guarantees for specific dates can be made
  • Excludes: VISA payments
Video Production
  • Student athletes wanting assistance in creating their highlights video
  • Includes: review of video footage provided – up to 5 hours, expert guidance on best recruitment footage, clipping of video footage and production of highlights reel
  • Excludes: hosting of video footage
BRUSA Sports consulting services
  • Access to BRUSA Sports expert knowledge around the USA athletic recruiting system (eligibility, clearing houses, admissions, college system)



Quick Navigation:


Profile building

 Freshman PackageAll Conference PackageAll American Package
Website profile & BRUSA app access
VIdeo Production
Video Hosting

Personalised Recruitment Strategy

 Freshman PackageAll Conference PackageAll American Package
Academic evaluation
Subject guidance
Personalised recruitment strategy

College, University or High School Placement

 Freshman PackageAll Conference PackageAll American Package
Marketing to coaches5
Subject guidance
Personalised recruitment strategy

College, University or High School Applications

 Freshman PackageAll Conference PackageAll American Package
University application process
University application payment2
Personal statement and recommendation guidance
Ongoing support


 Freshman PackageAll Conference PackageAll American Package
SAT and TOEFL registration processes
SAT and TOEFL payments1
SAT send to institutions process
SAT send to institutions payment3
GPA conversion process
GPA conversion payment1
NCAA/NAIA eligibility process
NCAA/NAIA eligibility payment1


 Freshman PackageAll Conference PackageAll American Package
Letter of intent support
SAT and TOEFL payments
I-20 support and preparation
SEVIS number and VISA advice
Visa interview prep
Embassy support
Visa related fees


The fees listed below are outside costs. For the Freshman and All-Conference package all costs are payable by the prospect/family. For the All-American package, where indicated by a tick, costs are covered by BRUSA limited to the quantity stated.

Visa and medical insurance costs are always for the account of the Prospect/Guardian.

Prices are correct as of June 2022. Yearly increases may be applicable, determined by the individual companies.

Application Fees

 Freshman and All ConferenceAll American
University application fee – differs by university, can $50 range from $0 to $70. Recommended budget $50$50
Up to 2 included
SAT payments – payment to take the SAT test in your home country$120
1 write included
SAT send – send of SAT results to school plus athletic association for eligibility. $12 per send. Recommended budget = $24$24
Up to 3 included
GPA conversion payment – conversion of a student’s high school marks into an official USA GPA. Cost will depend on the company which is specified by the school. Recommended budget $95.$95
1 included
NCAA/NAIA eligibility – registration with Athletic Association, mandatory to take part in sports. Association and cost will depend on the leage.
NCAA = $150, NAIA = $120
1 included

Visa Fees

 Freshman and All ConferenceAll American
SEVIS registration – registration with US Homeland Security$350$350
Visa application and appointment$160$160

Ongoing Fees while in the USA

 Freshman and All ConferenceAll American
Medical/health insurance – mandatory for all $45 per month
international students. Average cost = $45 per month
per month
per month

Possible Additional Costs

  • TOEFL Testing (English language test – not required in South Africa for English speaking schools) – $230
  • Sending TOEFL score (per institution) – $20
  • CSS Profile (required for financial aid by some institutions)- $25 once off, followed by $16 per institution