Anru Botha


A top cyclist from The Practice in South Africa, Anru has a very bright future ahead of him.
We are excited to be on this journey with Anru and looking forward to helping him find his number one university.

Interesting Fact about Anru:
I’m born a month too early
I have a type of asthma.
I love action sports and I watch way too may GoPro/Redbull videos on YouTube
I play the guitar.
I love drawing engineering graphic designs.
I am a very ambitious person.
I like to be humble but still confident.
Everyone has my respect, but it can be lost.
I was born in Bethlehem, Freestate and I learned to speak English from watching Disney Channel as a kid.


Why do you want to study in the USA?
I want to study in the USA because it will open so many doors for me and give me the opportunities to build a future for myself and create a strong foundation that I can build on. I always wanted to go live/study overseas because I see no future in South Africa( don’t get me wrong, I love this country but it’s falling apart). I want to be seen overseas as “The Guy from South Africa “ like they see Greg Minnaar. I want to make a success of myself so that I can one daycare for my family.

What Would you be if you were not a cyclist?
I know that whatever I’ll do, even if it’s not cycling. I know I will make a success out of it and be happy.
I don’t know what I would do without cycling, riding my bike makes me happy. But I love other things as well. Like photography, MMA, and playing the guitar. I think I would be somewhat of a businessman if not a cyclist. But I love a good adrenaline rush, from a Dowhill race to bungee jumping.

Home Club: The Practice — Elite Cycling and High Performance
Favorite Discipline: Downhill Mountain Biking ( many xc marathon/ xco and road races/events since 2014 but in 2017 I switched my focus to Downhill and Enduro Mountain biking)

South African Downhill Champs 2020 – 12th Elite Men
South African Enduro Champs 2017 -2nd Youth
South African Enduro Champs 2018 -5 Junior
National Downhill Series 2019- 2nd Junior
Hakahana Enduro Series 2017 – 2nd Youth.
Hakahana Enduro Series 2018 – 2nd Junior.
Hakahana Enduro Series 2019 – 1st Junior
Dustin Rudmen Invitational Downhill Series 2018- 2nd Junior.
Dustin Rudmen Invitational Downhill Series 2019- 1st Junior

YT-MOB World Tour 2019;
SA Downhill Champs 2017-2020;
SA Enduro Champs 2017-2020;
Hakahana Enduro Series 2017 & 2018;
Dustin Rudmen Invitational Series 2018 & 2019;
South African National Downhill Series 2018 & 2019;
Greg Minnaar Cycles Downhill & Enduro Series 2018 & 2019;
KZN Gravity Downhill & Enduro Series 2017-2019